We want to help make

outdoor sports
part of a regular lifestyle

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 is a way to 

learn new outdoor sports & explore the natural world & its unique terrains

- build a hobby for yourself and a community of like-minded people outside of work & school

Why we do

Adventure Play spun out of a realization that-

1. Spending time outdoors makes one feel more joyful and at peace

2. There is no consolidated content on outdoor sports in the Indian sub-continent

3. It's difficult to find buddies for outdoor plans

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Meet the editor


IIM, Ahmedabad |  LSR, Delhi
Ex- McKinsey & Co. | Trailblazers Adventure Travel

A strategy consultant turned traveller, Nitisha lives for adventure and travel. She's spent her life's free time learning and playing over 7 adventure sports, and backpacking across 37 countries.

Armed with an MBA from IIM Ahmedabad, Nitisha loves to problem-solve and help build things. When not adventuring, Nitisha can be found doing some yoga or playing her ukulele. 

Nitisha's Adventure Play

Rock Climbing Course
Kayaking Course
Everest Base Camp
Advanced Open Water
P3 Pilot
Skiing Course
PADI Open Water
Elementary Pilot
Surfing Course
Freediving Course
Rescue Diver
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 Let's Adventure Responsibly.

There's only one planet in the universe that lets us ski, surf, dive, climb, kayak & paraglide.


Adventure sport is fun only while it's safe. Follow safety practices to ensure safety of yourself and of fellow-players.


Tread lightly. The place shouldn't become any less beautiful because we visited it!
Let's travel sustainably.


Support local ecosystems that have a connection with the place. The indigenous culture adds enormous depth to the beauty of the place.