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Surf Beginner's Course

Learn how to surf in Asia's largest surf bay.


4 Days | INR 35,000 

  • Surf training

  • Surf gear

  • Free surfboard rental



1. Comfort in water
2. Non-swimmers are welcome
3. Good general health

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Batches start every Wednesday

Upcoming Slots - 2024-25

Whatsapp +91 70436 69076

DM on Instagram

Bookings closed for 2024-25



Day 1 - Wake up & get ready for your first surf session. Get introduced to your surf board, learn the pop-up techniques & understand safety protocol. Catch broken waves with the help of your instructor. After surf, unwind & enjoy Weligama.

Day 2 - Learn how to paddle and practise catching broken waves on your own. Work on your balancing stance to ride longer waves. 

Day 3 - Understand the area to surf, learn wave reading. Try catching green waves with the help of your instructor. 

Day 4 - Learn about basic turns, board positioning and practise catching your own green wave. Celebrate completing your course with your batchmates. 
Explore more of Sri Lanka or head back to Colombo airport with some great memories, and most importantly, a new hobby that you can build for life :)


Your surf session will be for 1.5 hours every morning, usually between 7 am-11 am. Exact timing will depend on local tide conditions and will be informed to you on the previous day. 


Post surfing, spend the day at leisure. Explore the local cafes of Weligama, scooty around to the neighbouring town of Midigama, or head to Mirissa for blue whale watching. Snorkelling & diving are other activities available around.

  • How safe is skiing?
    Skiing is safer than you think. If you follow safety guidelines and ski with a trainer/ experienced buddy, you will be fine. It is also important to check weather conditions before heading out especially to the higher slopes.
  • Will I be skiing alone?
    No. Your ski trainer will be with you at all times. Even for intermediate skiers, we always recommend skiing with a buddy.
  • How many hours will I be skiing in a day?
    A typical day of skiing is from 10am-4pm. You can buy lunch on the slopes.
  • How do I reach Gulmarg?
    Best way to reach is by taking a flight to Srinagar. We will pick you up from the airport.
  • I have children. Can they ski?
    Absolutely. Children pick up skiing much faster than adults. Ideal age to start is 4 years +.
  • What about meals?
    Meals aren't a part of the course. But Gulmarg has plenty of options from 5star dining to cafes/ local dhabas where you can buy a meal from Rs.100-500. We will give you recommendations on where to eat.
  • What are the things need to carry?
    We will provide you the essential gears for your sport. And once you book a package with us we will send you a confirmation email & a packing guide for your trip.

Weather & terrain

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Cancellation/ Rescheduling Policy

If cancelled/ rescheduled 6 weeks before, then there will be a charge of 2500 pp

If cancelled/ rescheduled 4 weeks before, then there will be a charge of 5000 pp

If cancelled/ rescheduled within 3 weeks, then there will be a 100% charge.


1. It is mandatory for players to abide by sport safety regulations of the school and destination.

2. The school reserves a right to charge for gear damage, if any.

3. AdventurePlay is not liable for any injury or death caused.

By using AdventurePlay services, you agree to abide by our user policy. 


Participant Reviews

I signed up for the surf program with AdventurePlay in SriLanka. It's a great place to improve your skills with guidance from the surf instructors who take you to different spots basis your skill

Rishabh Shah

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