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Let's go Paragliding!


​Learn how to fly like a bird. Sign up solo or with friends :D


7 Days | Sep- Apr


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30 Days | Sep- Apr


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7 Days | Sep- Apr


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Participant Reviews

Jumped aboard AdventurePlay's solo Paragliding course and wasn't disappointed at all. Team they have tied up with is top notch, accommodation was amazing. Were always helping, with suggestions. Highly recommend them for satiating any adventure needs.

Sneha Narayanan

To explore and feel to the core,u have come to perfect place. Most passionate ppl who explain the details of how and what u are doing. “Air has its secrets so as the ocean", moved, motivated and inspired. Want to meet them again.Loads of love to team

Luther Rishi

For risky sports, choose someone with passion for outdoors & extensive knowledge. AdventurePlay provided exhilarating experience with knowledgeable instructors, comfortable stays, memorable experience. Recommend for future curated adventure thrills.


AdventurePlay was so freaking awesome, well organized, transparent, helpful, charming. Despite bad weather we learnt and flew solo. Instructors are v good. Made new friends, life long memories. Will come for more. You can trust them with your life.

Harsh Vishwakarma

I have done the paragliding course with AdventurePlay and they really arranged it well, right from the course and the equipments and the training, they were amazing. I had my first ever paragliding flight, that too solo with them. Thanks AP!

Nikunj Gajera

Wonderful experience of paragliding course, great instructor, accommodation was at a very prime location, accessible to all the places. Got to conduct 6 solo flights. I will surely look at another adventure sport booking with AdventurePlay in future.

Nirav Doshi

AdventurePlay offers great customized deals, once in a lifetime experiences. Did P1,2 paragliding course. Everything was perfect. They motivated to overcome fear, mitigate risks, provide framework to follow passion in adventure sports. Recommend them

Rajat Dutt

I chose AdventurePlay for my paragliding course and I'm fully satisfied with my choice. There are other paragliding schools in Bir, but the one adventure play associated with maintains the highest level of safety measure and professionally extremely good.

Afzal Hussain

Kudos for organising such a hassle free trip to Bir. I learnt to be a CERTIFIED paragliding pilot. Had the best trainers to ensure we were trained well. Accommodation, instructions were perfect. Can’t wait for more adventures with AdventurePlay!

Ram Charan Devalala

Opted for beginner course in Bir. Everything was well arranged, minimal intervention from my side. Instructors were patient, thorough. AdventurePlay motivated us, accommodated solo flys despite of bad weather. Looking forward to intermediate course.

Srijani Dhara

Did paragliding beginner course in Bir. Was well organized, structured. Instructors were professional, kept safety paramount. Learnt skills, completed 5 solo flights. Grateful for AdventurePlay's ability to organize adventure sports. Recommend it.

Chirag Anand T

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