Paragliding Pilots of India - Pranav Kamat, 29yrs, Bangalore

Pranav Kamat is an aerospace engineer from Bangalore. Pranav was fascinated with flying ever since his childhood and wanted to be a commercial pilot. While his career took him elsewhere, when he discovered paragliding, his dream of becoming a pilot came true.

Pranav now owns his own glider and most of his vacations end up becoming flying holidays. He recently did his first vol-biv adventure, where he flew with a friend to a remote hill and camped there for the night. When asked what changed in his life post paragliding, he says that it's not too much to say that paragliding gave his life a new meaning.

AP Quick 5-

1. The first place you paraglided - Kamshet, Maharashtra

2. Your go-to place for paragliding in India-

Bir Billing, Himachal Prades