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Surfers of India - Robin Behl, 26yrs, Mumbai

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

Robin Behl is a Movement Practitioner based out of Mumbai. Robin started surfing on a trip to Mexico. If Robin had 1 year to spend anywhere in the world, he would go to a surf town. He loves the community, the vibe, and everything that comes along with surfing.

For Robin, surfing is really wholesome and he feels the energy of the sport is just amazing.

AP Quick 5-

1. The first place you surfed - Mexico, The first time I surf was honestly in the biggest beach break in the world in Puerto Wahaka, which was a blessing and an absolute disaster as well because it was like a big slap across my face.

2. Your go-to surf place in Asia-

I really love Sri Lanka because they were really good-sized waves and they were slightly mellow as well. So I felt it was a great place for me to practice and work on my details and get better every time. But somewhere I really looking forward to surfing is a break in the Maldives, which I've heard a lot about. And of course, Bali is on my bucket list.

3. Your bucket list of surfing areas in the world -

I love surf towns in general. So, honestly, if I needed to go spend a year or two years in a place, I would love to go to a surf town, because just the community, the vibe, the food, everything based around it, it's is really wholesome, really genuine, and the energy is just amazing of the sport.

4. Your favorite surfing Instagram account -

@Ítaloferreira @SebastianWilliams @SashaDonnano

5. Any good books/ movies on surfing -

Edge of the earth/ 100 ft wave.

AP: What got you first interested in surfing?

Robin: Always being a nature person I’ve found a connect with the ocean. Living 50m from one of the biggest beach breaks in the world (Zicatela) and watching some of the best surfers in the world got me interested and made me start my journey there.

AP: How did you start off? Your first experience.

Robin: My first experience was an absolute thrashing but I had a great instructor who didn’t only just push me onto waves but worked the little details which would help me Go a long way.

AP: Who do you usually go surfing with?

Robin: Mostly I go alone.

AP: What changed for you after you started surfing?

Robin: Surfing made me realise how irrelevant & small we are.

AP: What are some of your favourite moments while surfing?

Robin: Just being out in the water in itself is amazing.

One time I was surfing in Puerto Escondido. A big day with waves bigger than I was ready for. My leash broke in a wipe out and I was stuck in the impact zone with no board and running out of air with every slam. I’ll never forget that moment.

AP: Till when in the future do you see yourself surfing?

Robin: As long as I can move, as long as my body keeps doing it. Increasing complexity is getting even a little better, doesn't matter I'm not looking to compete but it makes me feel alive.

AP: What would be some advice you’d give someone who’s just starting out?

Robin: Just get yourself in the water probably with some good guidance. I feel lucky to have really good teacher taught me. He gave me beautiful details on my fundamentals of surfing and made me work different elements of surfing, like breathing, transferring my weight onto the board, positioning, more on my pop-up, more on analyzing, reading the wave. So go with someone who can really guide you well, and someone who's been out there still out there.


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