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AP's packing guide for your kayak trip to Rishikesh

Check out our packing guide to make sure you're covered for your time in Rishikesh. Because there's no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing :).

TO WEAR WHILE KAYAKING- 1. Quick dry t-shirt & shorts

Get ready for the river. Wear any quick dry t-shirt and shorts. We will provide you with a thermo rash guard to keep you warm in the cold water.

2. Sunscreen, sunglasses The sun can be strong. Bring along UV protected sunglasses and sunscreen. Also bring along cap/ hat if you wish to.

3. Waterproof beach shoes If you have waterproof beach shoes, feel free to bring it along to wear during kayaking. Or else, wear slippers and come, and you can put it in your instructor's kayak during training!

4. Waterproof watch Easily available at Decathlon, if you like to keep track of time. Or else, go without it and go with the flow!


1. Tshirts & pants General wear for Rishikesh :)

2. Underclothes/ socks A pair or two a day.

3. Flip-flops & sports shoes Flip flops for the water and visiting the river side beach. Bring along sport shoes, if you're into hiking. Rishikesh has some lovely nature trails and cycling trails too.

4. Jacket/ Sweaters Rishikesh gets chilly during the winter months!


1. Water bottle Fill water from your accommodation to carry with you for training. Lets avoid buying single use plastic bottles.

2. Day pack/ Dry bag To carry with you to the training with your water bottle, sunscreen, sunglasses etc. If you have a dry bag, that's the best for carrying to training. If not, then you can carry any bag and water proof it with a plastic bag.

3. Quick dry towel

4. Others Phone charger, ID card, personal medicines, some cash (there are ATMs in Tapovan area). Paytm is commonly used in Rishikesh.

5. GoPro

If you own one, bring it along with a waterproof case. Click some great footage while on the kayak.

6. Toiletries-The usual- Soap, shampoo, moisturizer, toothbrush and tooth paste. Sanitary needs for the ladies.

7. Entertainment & electronics Bring along any musical instruments if you play. Speakers/ kindle/ book are a traveller's best friend too.

8. Small first aid kit + Corona kit Best to carry some basic medicines for cold, fever, loose motions, ointment for aching muscles, some band-aids and any other personal medication. Don't forget your mask and sanitiser. The new basics.

9. Last but not the least, some spunk! That’s the difference between you and the next door Joe who didn’t sign up for white-water kayaking :D Note- This is simply a suggestion. Please add/remove as per your needs. Images are merely to give an example. Please replace with nearest items from your existing wardrobe. Sustainability & functionality > appearance, always :)


About Author-

Nitisha Sethia is an outdoor sport practitioner and founder of AdventurePlay. Ex-McKinsey & Co. and IIM Ahmedabad, Nitisha left her corporate job to follow her passion in the outdoors.

AdventurePlay is a one-stop platform to discover & learn new outdoor sports.

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