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AP's Packing Guide for your paragliding trip to Bir

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

Check out our packing guide to make sure you're covered for your time in Bir. Because there's no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing :).

TO WEAR WHILE PARAGLIDING- 1. Long sleeve tshirt-

The risers of the paragliding will be resting on your arms. So better to have them covered to minimise bruising. Quick dry material is better, as you will be sweating a lot during your ground training. 4-5 tshirts is good for a 7 day paragliding trip.

2. Long pants-

Any long pants in which you are comfortable to run. Eg- trek pants/ track pants. Avoid jeans. 2-3 pants will last you for the trip.

3. Running shoes with ankle support-

It is advisable to have ankle length shoes (eg- trek shoes) to give your ankle maximum support during landing from your flight.

4. Jacket-

It can get chilly up in the air. Wear a jacket where you are comfortable to move your hands around. Wind-resistant jacket is better, as it can get windy.

5. Socks (3-4 pairs) -

To wear with your shoes.

6. Sunscreen & sunglasses- The sun can be bright in the daytime. Bring along UV protected sunglasses and sunscreen. Try to bring well-fitted sunglasses that dont fall off easily when you are up in the air.

7. Gaiter- This is to protect your neck from the wind. This is optional; many pilots don't prefer using it.


1. Warm sweater and long pants. Avoid denim as it takes longer to try if wet in the rain.

2. Warm pyjamas- Lets be cozy at night.

3. Slides/ crocs- Something you can lounge in when indoors with your warm socks on.

4. Muffler & Beanie/ Woolen cap- Evenings are cold. Lets cover our neck & heads.

5. Rain jacket/ Umbrella- Bir gets the occasional shower sometimes. And since you will be walking around, better to be prepared.

6. Underclothes A pair a day.

7. Swim shorts There are some waterfalls & hot water springs in the vicinity. Just in case you feel like taking a dip :)


1. Lip balm. Lips get dry very fast there.

2. Bottle Fill water from your accommodation to carry with you for training. Lets avoid buying single use plastic bottles.

3. Quick dry towel 4. Day pack To carry with you to the training with your water bottle, snacks etc

5. Toiletries-The usual- Soap, shampoo, moisturizer, toothbrush and tooth paste. Sanitary needs for the ladies.

6. Energy bars, dried fruits, chocolates

Take them to the training ground for mid-day snacks and quick energy refills. Also available in the local market.

7. Electronics & accessories If you have a GoPro, then you can ask your instructor for a helmet with a GoPro stand. Or else ask your instructor to take videos from your phone. Carry your entertainment kit- speaker for evenings in the hotel and your kindle/ book.

8. Small first aid kit + Corona kit Best to carry some basic medicines for cold, fever, loose motions, ointment for aching muscles, some band-aids and any other personal medication. Don't forget your mask and sanitiser. The new basics.

9. Others Phone charger, ID card, personal medicines, some cash (there is an ATM near Bir Bus stand, but a little away from the landing site. GooglePay is commonly used in Bir.

10. Last but not the least, some spunk! That’s the difference between you and the next door Joe who didn’t sign up for solo paragliding :D Note- This is simply a suggestion. Please add/remove as per your needs. Images are merely to give an example. Please replace with nearest items from your existing wardrobe. Sustainability & functionality > appearance, always :)


About Author-

Nitisha Sethia is an outdoor sport practitioner and founder of Adventure Play. Ex-McKinsey & Co. and IIM Ahmedabad, Nitisha left her corporate job to follow her passion in the outdoors.

Adventure Play is a one-stop platform to discover & learn new outdoor sports.

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