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Gulmarg Skiing for Solo Travellers- 6 reasons why it’s a great idea

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

Want to go skiing to Gulmarg, but your friends are either busy or not interested? Don’t let that deter you. Because a ski vacation to Gulmarg can be a great solo trip as well!

Here are 6 reasons why a ski vacation to Gulmarg can be a great solo trip-

1. Warm Kashmiri culture

2. Ease of meeting new people

3. Your instructor could be your local best friend

4. Skiing is a great solo sport

5. Cost of going solo is not prohibitive

6. Skiing alone is better than no skiing!

1. Warm Kashmiri Culture

Friendly manager of Hotel Mama Palace

Perhaps it is natural, that a cold place like Gulmarg has one

of the warmest people you will meet. Such is the culture of Kashmir.

The local Kashmiris of Gulmarg are a peace-loving, warm and helpful bunch of people. From the moment you enter Kashmir, you will find everyone willing to go the extra mile for you. Don’t be suspicious, because this is how warm the folks are.

You will not feel like you’re alone in Gulmarg because the locals will soon become your family. Starting with your hotel manager, who will ask you how your day was, every single day, and chit chat with you about his own skiing days.

The ski lift operator will pass you a friendly smile every day once he starts to recognize you from the previous days. The waiters in the restaurant will ask you about where you come from and how did you ski today.

You get the point.

They love their snow paradise, and they will make sure that you love it too!

2. Ease of meeting new people

Meet other skiers in your 12 min ride up the ski lift

Gulmarg is a place where you cannot avoid meeting new people.

The biggest reason is, when you are using the ski lift to go up the slopes, you are spending 12 minutes with other skiers in the cabin.

Everyone is excited about the day, everyone is in a good mood, and the conversations just flow. Of course, you have to be friendly too, and sometimes be the initiator. But your one single question - “Where are you from?” can lead to an endless string of conversation. If frequencies match, many will even invite you to join them for the ski run. Or you invite them. And there, you’ve found yourself some ski buddies for the day. And if frequencies match a lot, then you’ll soon find yourself planning to meet them over dinner or drinks later in the evening.

3. Your instructor could be your local best friend

Friendly and helpful instructors

If you’re shy and don’t like interacting much with strangers, not to worry there either.

Your ski instructor will make sure you have a great time. The local trainers are also friendly and don’t have much to do in the evenings. They will be more than happy to take you around town in the evening. They will not hesitate to invite you to their homes for a meal. And they will happily click pictures of you doing your best ski run, to show off to your friends and family.

4. Skiing is a great solo sport

Skiing isn’t much of a group sport. Hence even if you are solo, you will enjoy your run as much.

Not having too many people has its own advantages too. There is a lesser waiting time and you can ski at your own pace. However, skiing completely solo is not advisable. It is best to have a buddy, either a guide or anyone you meet so that you can keep an eye out for each other’s safety.

5. Solo cost

Some destinations can be expensive for solo travellers. But not Gulmarg. There are plenty of shared cab options from the airport to Gulmarg if hiring a private cab becomes too expensive for a single person. Hotels will also give you a cheaper rate for a single room.

6. Skiing alone is better than not skiing at all!

It definitely feels great to have the company of your friends and to have someone to share the highs of the day with. However, if this is not possible, the second-best option is definitely to go solo. Because skiing alone is better than not skiing at all. And if you miss this season, you have to wait a whole year before being able to ski again.


Gulmarg sees many solo skiers and snowboarders coming through the season simply because of the above reasons. The love for the sport is so much that people don’t mind coming alone. And the common love for the sport is enough to find people to connect with.


About Author-

Nitisha Sethia is an outdoor sport lover and editor at Adventure Play. Ex-McKinsey & Co. and IIM Ahmedabad, Nitisha left her corporate job to follow her passion in the outdoors.

Adventure Play is a one-stop platform to discover new outdoor sports, browse through destinations and connect with a school of your choice. Also check out our Find a Buddy portal if you're looking for someone to go with!

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