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Surfers of India - Tarini Srivastava, 20yrs, Chennai

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

Tarini Srivastava is a student at Ashoka University. She started surfing at the age of 9 and fell in love with the sport. She tries to go surfing every 2-3 months. Covelong is a favourite for Tarini.

AP Quick 4-

1. The first place you surfed - Mahabalipuram

2. Your go-to surf place in India - The surf school near my house in Covelong

3. Your bucket list of surfing areas in the world - Bali, Hawaii

4. Your favorite surfing Instagram account - I follow quite a few surfers but my favorite would be Kelly Slater!

AP: When did you first learn about surfing? What got you interested in the sport?

Tarini: A lot of my friends started surfing at the surf school near my house in Chennai. My first surf experience was actually in Mahabalipuram when I was ten and since then, it’s been on and off for me when it comes to surfing over there. I’ve always been someone who’s loved the ocean and I also love sports, so the idea of having an “ocean sport” was really all it took for me to start surfing.

AP: How did you start off?

Tarini: We were at this beach in Mahabalipuram and we took this basic course on surfing. I instantly fell in love with the sport and we started doing it regularly. Since then, I’ve taken various different lessons and courses. I also sometimes practice surfing by myself, trying to pick up new skills whenever I can!

AP: Who do you usually go surfing with?

Tarini: I don’t think I’m good enough just yet to pick up the surfboard and surf alone but the surf school has a lot of people learning and practicing and you can usually go into the waters with the coaches or the surfers themselves. Otherwise, it’s usually with friends and family.

AP: Anything that changed for you after you started surfing?

Tarini: Yeah, one thing that surfing definitely does is makes you much stronger. I feel like my legs have become stronger and my arms too, because of all the paddling. Even during warm up, we run on the beach to prepare ourselves. It’s also like a therapy activity where you can go out to sea, forget everything else and just enjoy the waves. It’s never been like a chore to go surf. Plus, it isn’t the easiest thing to carry out so I mostly go on weekends.

AP: Do you have any favorite moments from your surfing trips?

Tarini: My favorite moment would definitely be catching my first unbroken wave. It usually takes a long time to acquire this skill but when I did, it was memorable. This also happened on one of our random weekend trips!

AP: We'd love to hear about a memorable experience you had during your surfs.

Tarini: I go to Goa every year because my mother’s from there. And I remember this trip with my friends that was actually my first trip without an instructor. I surely didn’t catch as many waves as I would’ve but having that independence was really fun.

AP: Till when in the future do you see yourself surfing?

Tarini: As long as you can swim and you’re physically fit, I think you can always go surfing. So yeah, I do myself surfing for as long as I can. But it’s a little rarer for me now because of college and all, plus there’s no sea around there!

AP: What would be some advice you’d give someone who’s just starting out?

Tarini: Be very careful because the ocean’s unpredictable. But it’s definitely a fun activity and don’t be scared either!


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