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Snowboarders of India - Ishan Shetty, 31yrs, Bangalore

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

Ishan Shetty is a Human Resources professional based out of Bangalore/ Mumbai. Ishan started snowboarding in his early 20s and now it is a part of his annual calendar. Every February, you can find him snowboarding in Gulmarg. Ishan feels that his decision to start snowboarding was one of the best decisions of his life.

AP Quick 5-

1. The first place you snowboarded - Nakiska Ski Hill, Alberta, Canada

2. Your go-to snowboarding place in India - Gulmarg

3. Your bucket list of snowboarding destination in the world - Hakuba Ski Slopes, Japan

4. Your favorite snowboarding Instagram account - @travisrice

5. A book/ movies on snowboarding that you love -

The Fourth Phase

AP: What got you first interested in the sport?

Ishan: I had moved to Alberta province in Canada and the had amazing ski hills nearby. I started out with skiing, but very soon switched to snowboarding. I would hear people talk about how they can wait for winter to come so they can go hit the slopes.

AP: How did you start off? Your first experience.

Ishan: I had made friends with a group of people who had assured to teach and guide me. Unfortunately I was a bit late that day and they went ahead. I decided to go up the chair lift hoping I would meet them up, without realizing how far-fetched that hope was.

My first run was just me by myself trying to make it down in one piece. After a few falls I got the hang of it slightly. The first run was still scary but on the 2nd run when I met the crew and took a few tips, was able to do much better. I was just ecstatic. It was the kind of childlike joy I hadn't experienced in years. I knew I was hooked.

AP: Who do you usually go snowboarding with?

Ishan: I usually go with my childhood friends.

AP: What changed for you after you started snowboarding?

Ishan: Everything. From then on every trip I planned was related to Skiing & Snowboarding. I remember shifting my working hours, just so I could hit the slopes in the morning and work in the afternoons. I reduced a lot of my unnecessary expenses and diverted them towards accommodating this new found sport - Snowboarding.

AP: What are some of your favourite moments while snowboarding?

Ishan: I have done multiple snowboarding trips from my time in Canada (Banff, Jasper, British Columbia), but when I left Canada and moved back to India I ended up selling all my equipment as I had never known of such options here. But then I heard about Gulmarg and how it has the highest hondola in the world. I began to convince my childhood friends to give it a go.

Now this has become our Annual Trip since the past 4 yrs. My favorite memory would definitely be squad runs with them.

AP: Any good stories to share?

Ishan: Not one in particular that triumphs the other. But there are tons of good stories that arise from each and every trip. Each one I look back on with a huge smile.

AP: Till when in the future do you see yourself snowboarding?

Ishan: I've seen couples in their 70's take ski/ snowboarding trips. I hope I can come somewhere close to that.

AP: What would be some advice you’d give someone who’s just starting out?

Ishan: Take the plunge, no matter how old or young. It was one of the best decisions I ever took.


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