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Surfers of India - Tanmay Yadav, 23yrs, Mumbai

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

Tanmay Yadav is an analyst based out of Mumbai. Tanmay started surfing as a teenager and fell in love with the sport instantly. Now surfing has become a part of his lifestyle. He can be found surfing at Mumbai Surf Club atleast once a week.

AP Quick 5-

1. The first place you surfed - Mumbai Surf Club

2. Your go-to surf place in India - Mumbai Surf Club ya'll

3. Your bucket list of surfing areas in the world - Sri Lanka, Bali, Hawai, Gold Coast

4. Your favorite surfing Instagram account - @hydromind had some good advice @surfingheritage for the history and of course @mumbaisurfclub

5. Any good books/ movies on surfing -

Barbarian Days by William Finnegan

AP: What got you first interested in surfing?

Tanmay: This is going to sound extremely silly but when I was 17 or 18, I had a tee I was quite fond of, that said 'Surfer'. I had also just started growing out my hair around then. Once when I was wearing that tee, someone made a rather offhanded comment of me looking like a surfer, and I thought to myself, that's not a bad idea at all.

AP: How did you start off? Your first experience.

Tanmay: Once I got that idea into my teenage head, I started researching for places I could go to. Back then, the nearest one I found was in Udupi. Unfortunately, with the teenage head came with a teenage wallet and I couldn't really afford the trip, nor could I borrow it from my parents because, holy fuck they were horrified hearing that idea.

So I started saving up for it, but never could really save as much as I needed for an elongated stay at that surf club. I tried and picked up skateboarding in the meanwhile Fortunately, I saw an ad on Instagram for a surf club in Mumbai couple of years later and called immediately to book a session.

A couple of days later I made the long journey from Andheri to Virar and made my way into the beautiful Rajodi village and beach. There I met Suyash, Preeti and instructor supreme Krishna with two foam boards. This was Mumbai Surf Club at the time. And man did I have fun just falling in the water. It was fucking beautiful. Although, then we had to carry the two 8.6 boards back on a scooter which Suyash was riding with Krishna and I holding the boards and Lupus (Suyash's bull mastiff) sitting in front.

AP: Who do you usually go surfing with?

Tanmay: I go all alone, with sweaty armpits of people in close proximity, usually trying not to get crushed in a Virar Fast Local Train.

AP: What changed for you after you started surfing?

Tanmay: Man, I found another love. I took the beginner's course and became a regular. I started giving them some ideas about promotion and marketing, which worked and I joined the team for a long time.

AP: What are some of your favourite moments while surfing?

Tanmay: The feeling you get when you ride a great green wave in quite inexplicable. It's this balance of calm and adrenaline. Everything slows down.

And once you're done, you understand that you have been more alive in those few seconds than you did your whole life. Surfing can also require a lot of patience as you're waiting for the right wave. That also provides an opportunity to reflect on life, which can be analogous to the sea or surfing. Sometimes, you just have to wait for the right wave which might takes its due time.

AP: Any good stories to share?

Tanmay: There are so many honestly. Every weekend spent at the Mumbai Surf Club has a story.

AP: Till when in the future do you see yourself surfing?

Tanmay: I want to do this as long as possible. Fortunately, surfing doesn't really a lot of long term injuries related to it unlike basketball, which is my other love. At the same time, to avoid any possible ones I have to build up my body. I aim still a beginner and have a long way to go. There are many things I want accomplish in surfing (in a personal capacity) and have a long way to go.

AP: What would be some advice you’d give someone who’s just starting out?

Tanmay: Go for it! (I would've said Just do it, but Nike TM'd that shit) I am yet to come across a single person who tried surfing and didn't have truckloads of fun.


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