A Decision to Start Diving - Nitisha Sethia

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

To be honest, doing a certification in scuba diving is something I had never considered. I looked at scuba diving as something similar to

skydiving. You do it once to experience it and that’s good enough. And I did. I dived in Croatia while on a vacation and was extremely satisfied with the glimpse of the ocean I got.

But then, over only a year later, I met a cousin who asked me during a casual conversation, “Do you dive?” She could’ve asked me, “Have you done scuba diving?” But her question was different.

She had done over a 100 dives in her life. When she shared her experience, I finally realised that diving was not a one-time sport like skydiving or bungee that you did to tick off a list. Rather, it was almost a way of travelling.

She convinced me to go get my PADI Open Water certification, a simple four-day course. And she promised me that life wouldn’t be the same after. I followed her advice, and life has not been the same for me since.

The course opened up a whole new world for me. A world that I would otherwise simply be gazing at literally and figuratively, only at the surface. Through my Open Water course, I realised the genius of human beings for having created a self-contained underwater breathing apparatus, that would literally allow us to swim like the fish in the ocean. For those of you who didn’t know, that’s what the acronym SCUBA stands for. Like the dream of every child, I too wanted to fly like the birds and swim in the ocean like the fish. And here there was something that actually allowed me to do the latter. The theory classes in my PADI course taught me how this compact well-designed equipment works, and once I knew, I realised it was the simplest sport there was. Simplest, and yet one of the most powerful I have experienced.