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Divers of India - Bharti Bothra, 37yrs, Singapore

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

Bharti Bothra works as a supply chain professional in the aerospace industry. She grew up in Bombay and is currently based in Singapore. A wife and mother of a toddler, Bharti has done over 100 dives over the last 15 years. She says that diving changed her definition of excitement and of calm simultaneously.

AP Quick 3-

1. The first place you dived - A river in Florida. Went to see manatees. Also went cave diving.

2. Your go-to dive place - Mabul, Sipadan islands, Malaysia

3. Your diving bucket list destination- Sardine migration, east coast of South Africa & Raja Ampat, Indonesia

AP: What got you first interested in diving?

Bharti: I watched a sardine run migration video online and wondered how it was captured.

AP: How did you start off? Your first experience.

Bharti: I researched the local community for dive centres. First experience was in a local lake. Visibility was not that great but just the fact that I was breathing underwater seemed amazing!

AP: Who do you usually go diving with?

Bharti: I usually join dive groups, as none of my friends are into diving. I'm planning to get my husband to join.

AP: What changed in your life after you got into it?

Bharti: My definition of excitement and of calm changed simultaneously!

AP: What are some of your favourite moments while diving?

Bharti: Being in the middle of a baracuda tornado.

AP: Any good stories to share?

Bharti: Diving with Grey Reef Sharks in Sipadan.

AP: Till when do you see yourself play the sport?

Bharti: As long as I can.

AP: What would be some advice you’d give someone who’s just starting out?

Bharti: “Your life will never be the same again.”


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