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Divers of India - Nayantara Deshpande, 29 yrs, Mumbai

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

Nayantara Deshpande is a freelance writer based in Mumbai. A nature and wildlife lover, Nayantara loves creatures of all sizes and shapes. Diving allows her to get to know the life that lives in the other 70% of the planet. She feels diving is like exploring an alien world!

AP Quick 3-

1. The first place you dived - Netrani, Karnataka

2. Your diving bucket list destination- Rainbow Reef, Fiji

3. Your favourite Instagram account for diving-

Paul Nicken, Matt Draper Photography and Umeed Mistry

AP: What got you first interested in diving?

Nayantara: I've always been curious about the underwater world. Nature documentaries though we're what got me interested..

AP: How did you start off? Your first experience.

Nayantara: A friend invited me on a trip to Goa. I guess that's how all good stories start. My first experience was surreal to say the least! Its like exploring an alien world.

AP: Who do you usually go diving with?

Nayantara: Friends, luckily I have a friend who is a marine biologist.

AP: What changed in your life after you got into it?

Nayantara: Being underwater brings about a sense of calmness in you. It helps you cancel out all the unnecessary noise in your life and just focus on your breath.

AP: What are some of your favourite moments while diving?

Nayantara: Admiring the bizzare creatures and the silence!

AP: Till when do you see yourself play the sport?

Nayantara: Till I can.

AP: What would be some advice you’d give someone who’s just starting out?

Nayantara: Just go for it! Its a great experience and nothing to be afraid of!


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