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Paragliding Pilots of India - Tanuj Singh, 31yrs, Delhi

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

Tanuj Singh is a restauranter from Delhi and a paragliding pilot since the past 4 years. Tanuj stumbled upon the sport during his visit to Bir. Now he owns his own glider and does solo flights of more than an hour at a stretch! You can find Tanuj in Bir every few months practising with his glider and training for longer cross country flights.

AP Quick 4-

1. The first place you paraglided - Bir Billing

2. Your dream destination in the world - Oludeniz Beach, Turkey

3. Your favourite Instagram account related to the sport - People are awesome

4. A book/movie on the sport that you love - Race

AP: What got you first interested in the sport?

Tanuj: The sense of freedom paragliding promises.

AP: How did you start out?

Tanuj: I did a tandem flight which got me interested in the sport.

AP: What changed in your life after you started paragliding? Tanuj: Whenever I look at the sky now, i observe how the cloud forms and how the eagles thermal.

AP: Who do you usually go paragliding with? Tanuj: Mostly solo, sometimes with friends.

AP: What are some of you favourite moments while playing the sport?

Tanuj: Losing track of time and be able to see beautiful landscapes at an angle very few people get to see.

AP: Till when in the future do you see yourself paragliding?

Tanuj: Till my body permits

AP: What would be some advice you’d give someone who’s just starting out?

Tanuj: Be patient at the sport and you will enjoy more.


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